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Data Loss and Deletion

It is very important to be careful when making changes to or deleting information nthat is stored in your File Manager, or any other area of your control panel.

Changing Data

Any changes made to data that is stored within your account are permanent, including changes made to elements, forms, and templates. As you can see, it is very important to be careful when making changes to these areas, or any other areas of your website. It is highly recommended that before you make any changes to your site, especially any code, you save a copy of the original. After the copy is saved, you can feel free to edit any of the code that you would like because if you do happen to make an error, you will have the original saved.

Deleting Data

We do not keep an archived back up of all data that is stored through our CMS. Once anything is deleted including elements, forms, pages, templates, and any other items, the change can not be undone. This is why you should be very careful when deleting anything. We will not be able to simply re-create these items for you without cost, so it is recommended that you either save a copy of anything that you will be deleting to your computer, or use the utmost caution when deleting any piece of information.

This applies to e-mail as well. If you will be lowering the number of POP e-mail accounts that you are using, please make sure that you save any data that you would not like to be lost

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